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Our Team

Rebecca Francko

Rebecca Francko


Brandy Berry

Assistant Principal

Inshirah Haddad

Office Secretary

Inshirah Haddad began as Secretary of Hopewell ECS in September 2021.  

Mrs. Haddad has international work experience and can answer questions about attendance, student reporting, scheduling and all other related student services. As a Lebanese-American who speaks fluent Arabic and English, she is able to translate for Arabic-speaking families.

Allison McIntosh


Aly McIntosh became the Counselor at Hopewell ECS in 2021. Mrs. McIntosh’s role is helping all students feel emotionally supported and successful. Her roles are to counsel, educate, advocate and empower.

Mrs. McIntosh is here to support families and students. She can assist families in helping to handle social or emotional concerns. 

Summer Rose-Breig

Office Manager

Summer Rose-Breig began as Office Manager in January 2022.  

Prior to serving as Office Manager, Summer was the building substitute. She is here for any questions that you may have about Hopewell ECS.

Mark York