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Hopewell ECS School Supply List

Hopewell ECS School Supply List

The district provides each student in grades K-8 with a supply kit at the start of the school year that includes most of the school supplies needed. Below is a list of additional supplies that students need to provide based on grade level for the 2022-2023 school year.

Download the printable version of Hopewell's 2022-2023 school supply list.


Earbuds/Headphones(must be plug in no bluetooth)

Tissues, 1 large box

Sanitizing Wipes, 1 container (any brand)

Students with last names A-L
Quart Size Storage Bags, 1 box

Paper Towels, 1 roll

Students with last names M-Z
Gallon Size Storage Bags, 1 box
Large pump hand sanitizer


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